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What Is The Case Against Authoritarian Parenting?

Madeleine McCann’s story has gone viral after the publication of her book.The book chronicles the life of Jonas and Madelei, a father-daughter couple who are now adults after two pregnancies.Madeleia’s pregnancy ended with a miscarriage and the couple have since moved to England where they raise their two daughters in a traditional Christian family.The couple…

Which books are best for toddlers?

Parents of young children often struggle to decide which books to buy for their toddlers, because they don’t know which ones to trust, and there are a number of books that are recommended by some parents, but others are recommended solely by a trusted source. So, I decided to find out which books are actually effective…

Why the media should care about the rashida Jones parents

This article originally appeared at National Review.More from National Review: The New York Times columnist whose book ‘The Way Back’ became the biggest-selling novel of the year has a new memoir, which is also her first memoir.‘It’s about a young woman’s battle with depression and how I managed to stay sane through it’

Why did the media never mention the ‘curse’ of Donald Trump?

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