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How to make your child smile and be a better parent by becoming an abusive parent

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 Parental Control app is a real thing

The Australian government is looking at parental control apps that would allow parents to decide what their children can access in school, but not who can access it, and when, for their children.A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said the department was looking at the use of apps that let parents manage access to…

Trump’s parents are not abusive, but Trump’s mother is abusive

Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, has denied that his children were abusive in their upbringing, but in a recent interview with ABC News, Fred said he was aware of his children’s history.The elder Trump has faced allegations of sexual misconduct from former business partners, including former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, and his mother has been…

How to beat parents choice in the classroom

National parents day is an annual celebration of the importance of children in our society and their nurturing roles.Parents choose the best way for their children to learn, and they also decide what to do with the time they have to teach their children.But this year, it’s not only parents who are choosing to limit…

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