Which is better: an education or a job?

The education is the key for young people in India.But jobs are often harder to find.As the economy slows, many youngsters are finding themselves on the dole or worse, with no job prospects.A study by the McKinsey Global Institute, a private investment firm, shows that nearly a quarter of India’s workforce is unemployed.The unemployment rate…

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The education is the key for young people in India.

But jobs are often harder to find.

As the economy slows, many youngsters are finding themselves on the dole or worse, with no job prospects.

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute, a private investment firm, shows that nearly a quarter of India’s workforce is unemployed.

The unemployment rate among Indian youth is more than 50% in some states, and more than 80% in urban areas.

In a country of almost three billion people, India’s unemployment rate is the highest in the world, and one of the world’s highest.

The McKinsey report, titled India’s Jobless Jobless: A Global Survey of Joblessness and Insecurity in India, estimates that India’s total jobless rate is more that 30% in all of the countries surveyed.

The figure is higher in some regions, including states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana.

In some areas, like Bihar, the jobless rates are much higher.

A recent report from the Institute for Development Studies (IDSA), an independent research institute, said that unemployment in Bihar is around 70% in the most deprived districts.

A report by the Economic Survey of India, an official data-sharing body, showed that almost two-thirds of Indian jobless are younger than 25.

In rural areas, where the job market is more favourable, the situation is better.

In rural areas in India’s largest state, Maharashtra, more than one in five young people are unemployed.

In urban areas, in comparison, a majority of the youth in India are jobless, with only about a quarter having a job.

The economic survey showed that rural unemployment rates are more than double that of urban areas where the unemployment rate has been around 10% for years.

The study also found that in some areas of India like Uttaranchal and Nagpur, rural unemployment rate was as high as 35% and as low as 2%.

In the country, the unemployment rates among rural youth are double those of urban youth.

In urban areas the joblessness rate is around 15% and in rural areas it is about 7%.

In all, more women are unemployed than men, with more women than men in the country.

The jobless in India is mostly women and girls.

The average age of the job-seekers is about 30.

The median age of job-seeker is 29.

The situation is even worse for rural youth.

The report shows that in the last three years, more young people have been unemployed in rural India than in urban India.

In fact, about half of all rural youth in Uttaranchale and Nagpaul districts are unemployed in the year 2017.

The survey showed the job vacancy rate for rural women and children is around 16%.

In the urban areas this rate is higher.

In the worst-affected areas, such as Bihar, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttaranchali, and Maharashtra, the rates are about 15%.

The unemployment rates of women and rural youth have been double those in urban districts.

India’s unemployment rates in rural and urban areas are also quite different.

In many rural areas the unemployment is higher than in the urban area.

The jobs in India do not always offer a good quality.

The lack of a salary is a big barrier to entry.

In some cases, young people do not get a job because they are not prepared to learn new skills.

In others, young men do not have enough money to pay their monthly rent or utilities.

The joblessness among young people is also a problem.

India has about 1.3 billion youth aged between 15 and 24, the age group that accounts for about half the job vacancies.

In recent years, the youth unemployment rate in India has been higher.

The employment rate of young people aged 15 to 24 has been on a downward trend.

In 2015, the employment rate for young men aged 15-24 was 11% while the employment rates for young women aged 15 and under were around 5% and 5%, respectively.

In 2016, the rate of employment among young women was 7% and the rate for men was 8%.

However, a new report by McKinsey India, a global consultancy, said the trend is reversing, and the job growth is accelerating.

The employment rate among young Indian men is now at a high level of 7% while it is now rising to around 10%.

The employment rates of young Indian women are also rising, with the employment level in rural women at a level of 10%.

The report also said that India needs to develop a national labour market for job seekers to take the first step towards the labour market of the future.

The government, however, has been slow to act.

According to a McKinsey survey, only around 2% of India has access to the labour force participation certificate (LFC), the certificate required for job-seeking.

India’s labour force is only around 12% and most of its job seekers do not

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