‘MTV’s’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ season three premieres on Sept. 15th!

MTV’s “Teen Mom” season three premiere episode, “Meet the Parents,” premieres Sept. 14 on MTV, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at it below.We’ve also got the first sneak peek at “Teen Mother 2” and a couple of new clips.Here’s what you need to know.1.It’s an old-school look, and it’s great.Teen Mom 2 is…

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MTV’s “Teen Mom” season three premiere episode, “Meet the Parents,” premieres Sept. 14 on MTV, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at it below.

We’ve also got the first sneak peek at “Teen Mother 2” and a couple of new clips.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

It’s an old-school look, and it’s great.

Teen Mom 2 is a lot like the original series, with its own set of tropes and quirks.

The show takes place in a time when the “real mom” is still a “bad mom,” and “Teen Mothers” are the exception, not the rule.

(They don’t seem to be particularly “real moms” in the series’ early seasons.)

In fact, one of the series most interesting and memorable plot points is when Amber and Kylie meet their mom.

The two are a couple, and Amber, as a “real” mom, tries to figure out what it’s like for a “fake” mom.

Kylie is more of a “mommy” to Amber, and she tries to tell her about it, but she’s frustrated that she can’t really help her.

She tries to find the answer herself, but ultimately, she finds herself in a world that isn’t exactly what Amber imagined.2.

There’s more than one way to treat your daughter.

While the series is set in a traditional “mom and dad” household, the show has its fair share of “mom-to-be” characters.

And in the original, the main characters’ wives (some of whom are still married) were both “real,” and Amber and her family were both real moms.

So in this season, Amber and the show’s other main characters have their own relationships with each other, as well.

But Amber’s relationship with her “real dad,” Mike, is different, as she was actually in the “mom’s house” at one point.3.

Amber is a mom who was raised by a “regular” family, but “regular,” like a dad, doesn’t really exist anymore.

Amber’s mom was a “sister,” who had a family of her own, but in this version, she’s a “daughter” who is “taken” from her family when she was three.

(Her mother was actually a real mom, though, which was a big plus for Amber.)

The show also takes a lot of time to explore the fact that Amber’s dad is now her husband.

And while it’s interesting to hear Amber’s parents discuss their relationship, it’s a bit too long for our tastes, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide.4.

The “mom in charge” role will be played by Amber’s older sister, Amber’s mother.

The mom in charge role was played by former Teen Mom OG star Taylor Swift in season two, and a new MTV show about Amber’s “mom” is reportedly in the works.

In this episode, Amber is in charge of her family, and while she may seem a bit more “traditional” in her “mother-in-law” role, Amber still doesn’t completely get it.

And that makes for some really sweet moments.5.

Amber will be an outcast, but not to the point of being a liability.

The MTV show has been very upfront about Amber being outcast from the family and being bullied as a teenager, but the show hasn’t gone too far in portraying Amber as being a victim.

The series is also not going to be afraid to make a point about Amber having her own issues, like being the daughter of a divorcee and dealing with an abusive dad.

That said, Amber isn’t outcast.

She’s an outlier.6.

Amber, Kylie, and Tyler (Tyler’s older brother) will all be getting a bigger role this season.

Amber has already been on MTV’s radar for a while, but Kylie has been a major part of the show since it started in 2012.

Kyl.com, the site where the show was shot, has been getting a lot more buzz.

This season, the team will be taking a lot from Kyl.

This will be Kyl.tv’s second season.7.

The final season of “Teen Moms” is set to begin in 2019.

And, in a surprise move, MTV announced that the show will premiere this fall on September 15th.

We will be following this series closely.8.

The premiere episode is called “Meet The Parents.”

The show is set at the same time as “Teen Parent’s” second season, and is a “parent-centric” series.9.

Amber and Tyler are all dating, but are they going to get married?

Amber has previously said that she and Tyler won’t get married, but it’s unclear what happens after that. The answer

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