Why Are You So Angry About The Parents Who Are Going to Cry?: I am So Angry at the Parents Who Will Cry

My daughter is a year old.She was born with cerebral palsy.She has a brain tumor.She’s been in the hospital for four months now.I want her to be able to go home and play with her friends and play in the backyard.It’s a lot of work.I don’t want her going to the hospital alone.I’m not a…

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My daughter is a year old.

She was born with cerebral palsy.

She has a brain tumor.

She’s been in the hospital for four months now.

I want her to be able to go home and play with her friends and play in the backyard.

It’s a lot of work.

I don’t want her going to the hospital alone.

I’m not a big fan of that.

And that’s the biggest thing.

The hospital is so expensive.

I know she’s not the only one that’s been told she can’t go home alone.

She went to the ER for her first checkup, and she was there for two days.

She needed a CT scan.

She had a very severe case of cerebral palsies.

And she’s the first one who’s been through the whole thing.

We’re all so stressed out that she’s going to have to go through all that.

What we’ve been through.

We are a little upset that she has to go to the hospitals alone.

So we’re getting angry and upset.

We need to see her parents.

But there’s a catch.

She can’t get to them unless they give her a ride.

And so we’re trying to get the police involved.

But the police say, “We’re just not going to be there for her until she’s in a car.

And the police have told me that the car isn’t there.

I said, “How is that?”

And they said, “… because she’s being taken out of the hospital.”

And I said to them, “Well, if she’s on a ride, you know, we’ll let her go home.”

So we have been trying to reach out to them for help.

And finally, we have to find a way to make it work.

What happened to the parents?

Did they go to police?

Was it the police who said they weren’t going to help?

We can’t have her in the car.

She needs to be in a vehicle.

And I’m just really frustrated and I’m really upset.

And what the parents are doing is trying to make up for it by calling me.

They’re not really helping me at all.

They just want me to do something about it.

But I just want to get back to my child.

So, when I get home, I’m still furious.

I feel like they are just not listening.

I’ve been called the “crazy person” for calling the police.

I call them the “nanny” for not taking her out of hospital.

But when I call the police, they just say, I don´t know what you’re talking about.

I can tell that you’re upset about something that is just out of your control.

The police have no control.

I didn’t know about this.

And they never did anything about it, even though they have a duty to take her to the ambulance.

So when she goes home and I see her in a wheelchair, I just feel bad about that.

I am upset about it and I feel that we can’t trust the police or anybody else.

They are not helping us at all, either.

I just don’t think they are.

I mean, this is just a situation where they didn’t do anything.

And this is the first time I’ve ever had this happen.

What they are doing now is trying really hard to make things go away, but the police are not going.

And it’s not really their fault.

I think it’s the police trying to do what they’re supposed to do, and they are making things worse.

I have to tell you, when they go into a car, it is very stressful.

You have to keep your hands on the steering wheel, and you can’t touch anything.

I haven’t touched the steering wheels in a long time, because they’re always under the hood.

And you’re thinking, oh, God, I want to touch my kids, I have my hands on them.

I try to calm myself down.

But then, when you put your hands under the seat and look at the dashboard, it’s just horrible.

And then it gets worse.

So it’s a nightmare.

I get mad at the police because they are not being helpful at all and they’re not listening to us.

They have no idea how stressful this is.

So the police must be doing something wrong.

I guess they are trying to take away my child from me.

I wish they were there for me.

But, again, I know that I am a bad parent.

And at this point, I am very angry at them for not helping me.

And when I say angry, I mean that.

So now I’m going to tell them to leave me alone.

But that is not an option for me anymore.

I need to find somebody else to take care of

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